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A well-designed, well-maintained home can provide for your comfort needs no matter what conditions are like outside. If it’s time to have repair work done on your Swimming Pool Leak Or Other Leak it’s essential that you work with a professional contractor who can provide you with the guidance needed to make the right buying decisions for your space.

Every technician at Aqwwa has either graduated from an accredited College or has been sent to an intense technical school funded by Aqwwa before being broken out as a technician. We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable and well-rounded service technicians that the state of Texas has to offer. Not only are our technicians put through school but they are also subjected to our Aqwwa training program which includes weekly in-house training as well as webinar classes that are given by top industry names in order for us to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

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I loved my experienced with Aqwwa Pools in Houston. The team does amazing work, with great attention to detail and just outstanding customer service. My questions were always answered and I am so happy with the final product. Highly recommend!


5/5 based on 1414 reviews

Jessica Anderson

HR Manager, NICA Pvt. Ltd.

I was referred to Poolinco by a friend and I am glad I went with it. Al (the owner) is a super nice guy who got the job done right. I also like that he doesn’t nickle and dime his services. I will recommend to others in the future.


5/5 based on 1413 reviews

Jessica Anderson

CEO, TG Pvt. Ltd.


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