The Woodlands Pool Repair


The Woodlands Pool Repair Equipment & Structural Repairs for Houston Pools

Poolinco can perform equipment upgrades & repair as needed on all types of inground swimming pools most places in the Houston area.

Quotes over the phone are for a standard installation. Special circumstances will require us to perform a service call to evaluate your pool and make an appropriate quote to fit your needs.

Pool Equipment Repairs

For Houston residents we provide diagnosis and repair of all common pool equipment items including:

  • filters
  • pumps
  • motors
  • timers
  • valves
  • heaters
  • chlorinators

Most of our pool repair service calls to Houston homeowners are $99 for a diagnosis.

Pool Equipment Replacements & Upgrades

  • Pumps: We can install energy efficient pumps (which have become very popular in Houston). We can also sometimes optimize a pump’s settings to be better paired to your filter and water features.
  • Filters: We can upgrade you to the latest filtration methods such as a hybrid filter. A better filter can allow you to run your equipment for less time, saving on electricity.
  • Sweeps or Cleaners: We can upgrade or replace your worn out cleaner and make sure it is properly installed and fitted for your pool. This can make all the difference in its performance. We also can help you convert a suction sweep to a pressure sweep such as a Polaris.
  • Equipment Sets: We can install a new pad and set of equipment to upgrade your circulation and filtration to the performance and electrical efficiency of a new swimming pool.
  • Ozonators: Houston pool owners can now go virtually chlorine free with an ozonator. We recommend ozonators over a salt system or choosing a saltwater pool unless you just love the way the saltwater feels and that is worth the salt water system trade-offs to you.
  • Saltwater Systems: We can install the latest in saltwater systems. Very popular in the Houston area! This includes systems that we clean themselves (very helpful for prolonging life and efficiency) through reverse osmosis and can be controlled via a computerized control system.

Pool Structural Repairs

We can repair most types of damage to pool decks, surfaces, and walls. To renovate your pool and surfaces, browse our Houston remodeling services.

  • Retiling surfaces
  • Coping surfaces
  • Cracked/chipped pool decks
  • Concrete or stonework

Pool Leak Detection

Good news! Poolinco also offers leak detection services for Houston pools.

A full leak detection includes pressure testing the lines, dye testing, and diving in the swimming pool with a scuba tank to check cracks, drains and pool returns.

Learn more about our leak detection services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”stretch_row_content” wrap_container=”yes” el_class=”home-intro”][vc_column width=”5/6″ text_align=”left”][vc_column_text el_class=”m-b-none”]Repair your Pool With Houston Pool Repair,  Texas  

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